If Jam Does Not Set, Should I Add More Pectin Next Time?

The answer here is no.

If adding more pectin worked the second time, it isn’t because there wasn’t enough pectin the first time. Within the mix there is acid, so by adding more pectin you’re actually dropping the Ph. That more than likely is what’s making the pectin react. If you’re having to double your pectin in a sense, or if you have a failure, so you’re trying to fix it by re-cooking and adding more pectin. There’s a problem, and you’re spending more money that you don’t need to. You are putting pectin into a product that it shouldn’t really need, because the amount that you put in the first time should have been sufficient.

What we really need to do is look over your recipe; find out where the imbalance is and fix that through you only doing it one time.

Processing your product twice costs you double the time, and doubling the pectin is not necessary. Contact us for technical support! We love being able to help customers with our extensive knowledge.