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Is the spoon method a good method?

The answer is kind-of.

The spoon method will tell you whether or not your pectin is functional and active. With the spoon method, you take a small amount of product out of your batch, put it on a spoon and let it air-dry quickly and then turn it sideways to see if it wrinkles and gels.

The problem with this is that its not a true reflection of what’s still in the pot. This is because the evaporation rate is exponentially higher on it because it’s in a much smaller amount in a much cooler environment. Even though it is positive, if you do see product start to set on the spoon, it isn’t going to be necessarily true that the product will set.

We suggest that it is overall not the best method to use. You’re really not going to know until you pack it off, let it settle overnight, and check it the next day to see what you’ve got.