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Low Sugar Honey Cranberry Spread

30 oz. Honey
16 oz. Water
16 oz. Cranberries prepared (Food processor)
2 oz. (1/3 cup) LSP (Low Sugar Pectin)

Cooking Instructions:

See step 4 before you start. You will want to finish preheating the honey close to the time you have finished cooking the
pectin solution for one minute.

1)  Add water and prepared cranberries to the pot.
2)  Bring to 160 degree’s and whisk in LSP at a moderate rate.
3)  Stir mixture to boil for one minute.
4)  Pre warm honey to 140 degree’s in covered pot.
5)  Add pre warmed honey to pectin solution while stirring
6)  Heat to 195 degree’s +- 5 degree’s and fill jars.