Liquid Pectin


Cooked Jams

Fruit                    Fruit Needed          Prepared Fruit         Lemon Juice          LP           Sugar

Strawberry           2.5 lbs                          4c                            1/3c                 6oz             8c

Fruit Preparation: Wash, stem and crush with potato masher. 


Red Raspberry

Boysenberry         4 lbs                             4 1/2c                      none               6oz            8 1/4c



Fruit Preparation: Wash, crush and sieve to remove seeds (if desired).

Blueberry              3.5 lbs                          4 1/2c                       1/4c                6oz            7c

Fruit Preparation: Wash, remove stems and crush.


General Instructions

Mix .5 ounce or 2 tbsp. LP mix with 5.5 ounces water = 6 ounces Liquid Pectin

Hydration process:

Add 6 ounces Hot water (180 to 190 degrees) to blender. Put cover on blender to prevent water from being pushed out and turn on blender (high speed). Once water has settled to a swirl, remove cover and begin adding pectin at a slow moderate rate. With all the pectin added continue mixing for 30 seconds. Let the mix stand for one minute, then blend for an additional 30 seconds. The liquid pectin is now ready to be used. Note, the reason we start with 6 ounces of water instead of 5.5 ounces is because we will have loss due to evaporation during the hydration process.

It is best to make your liquid pectin as close as possible to the time of use. Extra liquid pectin can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. While unlikely, it is possible for a mold spore to drop into the liquid pectin within the 24 hour period and damage the pectin. You will notice the damage because the pectin will lose its viscosity and act like cloudy water.

Our LP can be used with all Certo or other like liquid pectin recipes.

For purposes of determining how much liquid pectin to use, the percentage that follows will include pectin and water mixture. Use 8% liquid pectin per total batch weight. Example: You have a total batch weight of 76 ounces that includes fruit , sugar, lemon juice/citric acid and liquid pectin. 76 x .08 or 8% = 6 ounces liquid pectin.

Cooking Instructions: Mix prepared fruit and sugar together and bring to boil. Add just prepared liquid pectin and cook to desired brix.